Eco Responsibility

Eco-responsibility has an important value for us and we wanted to highlight it in our accommodations.

We carried out the same set of works and for this, we mainly used eco-materials (lime paint, local wood, lime-hemp plaster, wood wool and cellulose wadding insulation, linseed oil, etc. .), but not only.

When we emptied the house, we salvaged as many interesting objects as possible, such as old beams, wine barrels, old wood-burning stoves, etc.

We continue to use the wood stoves and we have transformed the objects to give them a new life.

What is currently in place:

  • The partial use of solar energy and therefore the choice to reduce electricity consumption (drying clothes in the open air, outdoor solar lamp, reduction of ironing)
  • Sorting waste, composting, giving leftover food to chickens
  • Collecting rainwater to water plants
  • The use of ecological household products, furniture from our family or found in a recycling center
  • The promotion of village artists in decoration, the work carried out with the Eliss Association and the Development Workshop (Reintegration into the workplace), as well as local producers (honey, eggs, small itinerant shops, etc.)